Sunday, February 21, 2010


Welcome friends
Old and new
Come and sit
A time or two
Look around
Let me know
What you think
Then say hello!


  1. Sister Graham,
    I was at the fireside you presented on Tues. Feb. 23rd in Pleasant Grove. Thank you so much for coming and sharing your talents and enthusiasm and knowledge with us. I am the music leader in my ward primary for the second time. It is truly one of the most joyful callings I've ever had. It has been almost three years this time and I pray often I will have it for many years to come. I know this blogging thing is new to you, but if you are able to do so, I'd love to get your patterns for Follow the Prophet as well as the words to the other verses you shared with us. Thank you again. I hope to visit your blog often to get and share ideas. Sincerely, Sister RaeAnn Hurst (I was the one who had Susan Kinney at BYU)

  2. My Mother was the music teacher at my elementary school, and she taught us all of the songs from the book that had "Stand Up For America", and "Thank You". Where can I find this book? Is it impossible to find? I have looked all over the internet..........I really, really want to teach my children these songs with the activities. Please Help !!! ;-)
    Thank You !

    Kristen Fenn

  3. Hellow I am looking for the Hill Cumorah Pageant Coloring Book, do you know where I can purchase it?