Friday, January 24, 2014

Happy New Year, dear Music Friends!

Here are some materials for the Primary 2014 music curriculum from my annual workshop (see below).  My intent is to save you some time and share ideas for teaching.

First, I have made a monthly outline of all the songs needed for each month, in singing time or sharing time.  You could schedule them as opening songs so that they are ready when needed in a sharing time activity.  The outline is made from the “short list” of songs that are available worldwide—so that is why some obvious songs that would support a message, like Honesty, are not in the official outline.  I have listed them with a ? for you to consider.

Second, my workshop outline is the same every year but I use scheduled songs to try and demonstrate the principles I teach.

Third, a lesson plan for every song in the songbook is already prepared in “A Children’s Songbook Companion.” As I have explained before, this book was part of our assignment when preparing the Children’s Songbook.  The manual was approved through Correlation, but just before press date, a decision was made to not publish Church materials that could not be translated and used worldwide.  So, after sitting on our “gold-mine” of plans (written by presenters at the BYU Church Music Workshop over many years, plus additions by our committee), we published it ourselves, minus the Primary stewardship section.  The book has a new cover, so it is no longer “The Green Bible.”  The content is exactly the same, but has an updated feel to draw attention on store shelves.

Fourth, I have prepared suggested lesson plans for “The Family is of God” and the two hymns, “I Stand All Amazed” and “Let the Holy Spirit Guide.”  They are, of course, based on the same method we outlined on page 300 of the Children’s Songbook:  State what the message of the song is, plan an attention-getter to start the song, and ask questions that can be answered by listening to the singing.  Repeat the song many times using a variety of reasons (actions, movement, stop/go, words/hum, dynamics always emphasizing understanding).

Fifth, I wrote a verse to “Follow the Prophet” some years ago about President Monson.  I have drawn four simple pictures that can fold into a little booklet.  It is nice to help children learn words while coloring, and then they have a way to teach it to their family for FHE.  This year, “The Christmas Train” was published by Deseret Book, which is the story I was referencing. Children may be familiar with that book and it’s beautiful pictures.In May, the children are to make a verse to “Follow the Prophet” during sharing time, so this could be an example.  Also see my “Lehi” verse, which goes to the tune of “Book of Mormon Stories.”
Good luck as you help teach children the gospel through music this year.  You have a wonderful opportunity to help strengthen our future leaders.

Love, Pat

MONTHLY OUTLINE                                                         


"A Children’s Songbook Companion

The Family Is of God

Hymns: "I Stand All Amazed"
and "Let the Holy Spirit Guide"




  1. Love this!! Thank you!
    from a Primary chorister in Northern Virginia who uses your book all the time! :)

  2. Pat thanks for that WONDERFUL workshop!!! I just love you and your love for music, the gospel and children. All the handouts you had at the workshop were gone by the time I got back to the table. I can't find the words that you have written for Pres. Monson and the Lehi verse for the book of Mormon. I tried to write them down at the workshop but I was not fast enough. Also for all the pictures that you have on your blog do you send them out as a pdf so we can print them or do you have a book that I can buy. I wish we could get that book to print that has all the pictures for the songs for the childrens songbook companion. I just need some help with the visuals that you have on your blog and the new verse for Monson and Lehi. Thanks!!!!!

    1. The art book by Nina Grover is on Click on We Shall Make Music on this page and then scroll down and it should show up. I didn't know it was still available! Pat

  3. I attended this workshop! Worth every minute of my time. Thank you Pat for doing this. As a new Primary song leader, this gave me some much needed confidence.

  4. Thank you! This is very helpful! And it's fun to learn the history of my Children's Songbook Companion, which I've loved and used for so many years. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. just wonderful. absolutely amazing. thanks!

  6. I love your posters for "The Family is of God." Is there any way you can give us the images of the father, mother and child on a white background, like your other booklets and handouts? I am having a hard time finding pictures to use, and I love the simplicity of yours. I loved your workshop, by the way. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  7. Wow, thank you so much for sharing this, Sister Graham! I went to your workshop, and it helps so much to read your thoughts here as a way of reinforcing what you taught. You rock!


  9. I can't figure out how to print or download the lesson plans... how do I do that? The Pdfs..
    thank you...

  10. I am so excited to find your blog! Thanks so much for sharing with us.
    I have a question I hope you can answer about the "We are Different" song. There are two versions of it in print. Which one should I use?

  11. WOW! This is awesome, thank you for your ideas. From a newly called primary music leader in New Zealand :)

  12. I'm wondering if you would mind if our Primary used the verse that you wrote for President Monson. I think it's perfect!! I'm not sure if you've copyrighted it, so I want to make sure to get the go ahead from you first. Thanks!

  13. I am not able to click on the image for the lehi verse?